Hello, My name is Tash and i will be caring for your little ones.

The baby room is a small but cosy room offering the stimulation your child needs for their development.

In this room there will be 3 children aged 1 and under on a 1:3 ratio.

In the baby room I focus on your childs personal routine, provided by you.

There are lots of low level resources for your babies to explore including a variety of treasure baskets and sensory toys. The room also has a black and white sensory area and ample space for tummy time. Even at such a young age I like to plan stimulating activities that introduce a wide range of explatory experiences, such as painting, tuff spots, noisy toys.

Bambis strongly believe in promoting early language, and I do this by providing a stimulating and cosy area and lots of opportunities to read, look and listen to stories and songs. I will read to your children daily and the setting participate in a weekly reading challenge.

As your child begins to progress there is a jumparoo and activity cube to encourage their gross motor skills and develop their cognition, and i will take them into the other rooms as their confidence develops for them to explore softplay and other imaginative resources.

Your child will also sleep in this room, we have a cot up all of the time and extra travel cots if needed. 

I like to maintain communication between us by filling out a daily diary that contains a brief summary of your childs day alongside sleeps, feeds and nappy changes.