Hello, my name is Gemma and i will be caring and preparing your little ones for school.

Pre school is where your little one will spend the last year getting ready for big school :)

In preschool we still learn lots through play, however we do slightly more structured learning to prepare your child for school, which involves basic phonics, numbers to 20 and 3d shapes, however we make these activities lots of fun. :)

The children enjoy the jolly phonics CD, they sing along and know all the actions you can find them here; 


I believe that Communication and language devlopment is so important for children and I like to give ample opportunities for them to experience a rich language environment to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

 We have a variety of roleplay and small world toys to encourage children to find their voice, and we offer a range of age appropriate books for them to widen their imagination. I will read regulary to your children and encourage them to be involved with the telling of a story and also creating their own.

I will aslo encourage mathematics through structured learning and play by providing many resources to support this, including compare bears, dice, number lines, puzzels, number fun in the garden and we sing lots of number songs.