Children's voice and Parent reviews

Childrens voices

" I like playing cars."

"every time i come to bambis i do something different."

"I like to play here"

Parent reviews

"Love this nursery amazing staff feels like a proper little family when u walk through the doors, my daughter loves going and never wants to leave lol best nursery iv looked at :) xx"

"'A' has been going to bambis for 4 weeks, 2 days a week and he absolutely loves it, the staff are so friendly and make you feel at ease when leaving your child.

Alex loves it and always come out saying he has had fun . Highly recommend to others"

"Bambi's have and are doing an outstanding job helping my daughter with her development. Since attending she has come on leaps and bounds. Every member of staff takes an interest, they go the extra mile to help and support the children, they are like our extended family. I'm proud to say my child is a Bambi. :)

This nursery is highly recommended for anybody looking for a friendly, helpful, educational and fun environment."

"I can't recommend Bambis nursery enough! My daughter started in January 2015 and she has come on leaps and bounds! She could barely string a sentence together but now she's so forward! Bambis has a lovely homey environment and everyone is always welcomed with smiles! My daughter loves it here and I can never get her to want to come home! The staff are amazing, they are always updating you with what your child is doing and what they are learning! Iv recommended Bambis to everyone!"

"It's not often you feel like, as a parent, you want to stay at your child's nursery too and join in the fun. There's a real homely atmosphere at Bambi's, with home-cooked meals and staff who feel more like your relations. My eldest daughter has really thrived in the friendly and educational atmosphere, so I would genuinely recommend these amazing nursery to anyone who is thinking of using it."

"There are many words I can use to describe the care that Carla, Lucy and everyone at Bambi's provides to my two little Bambi's however the proof really is in the pudding .....

Since joining Bambi's just a year ago my eldest has turned into a wise, witty wonderful big character !! I have loved watching him form strong bonds with the other children and the Bambi's team

He has a fantastic relationship with his key worker (Emma) and asks to come to Bambi's every morning !!! he has surprised me numerous times with his ability to take on new tasks and thrive with them. The Bambi's team have always worked with what E can do and have amplified his abilities in their setting as well as encouraging learning at home also.

My youngest, R started in the baby room, just being 7 months old where he was able to be supported in a safe happy environment with Lucy. I was always given a great handover of R's daily activities which gave me great comfort and reassurance with being back at work while he was so little. I took great please in watching him explore with messy play and his senses which saved some of the mess at home R is now a very confident little boy and has really come out of his shell now, often seeing how far he can push his bounties with his quirky sense of humour

I have been able to watch my little men grow in their Journey with the Bambi's team, through their own learning journals and have enjoyed seeing evidence of their work and efforts in the journals and around the setting.

You really could not ask for a better place !!!

From the moment you arrive at Bambi's you are reassured by a welcoming friendly smile, a safe and secure setting and clear information about the Bambi's team. Information is freely available and The management team are great at communicating relevant information to you . There is a great range of homemade meals that my boys love! They even eat meals at Bambi's that they wouldn't attempt at home. They provide activities That support each child in all areas of their development and allows the children to enjoy just pure fun !!!

The care given to the boys is not just professional but is personal and not once have a ever felt a request go ignored, Bambi's have always worked in partnership with anything that I have requested and has provided me with great comfort and peace of mind.

One of the things I love about Bambi's is how they bring everyone together as a family. We have attended many events that Bambi's have organised from Birthday Parties, fates, craft fairs to meeting Santa and it's great to see the support that they get from the other family's and the community !!!

Our opinion has always been appreciated at Bambi's and we have always been made to feel supported with normal toddler worries!!

Bambi's have acted as a pillar or support for me at times when I have needed it and have always made me feel welcome and part of the family !!

Thank you team Bambi's, for helping us grow"

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