Play is essential for childrens devlopment and building their confidence as they learn to explore and relate to eachother. Bambi's responds to each child's emerging needs and interests guiding their development through warm positive interaction.

we have 2 play rooms that provide different types of phtysical play and exploration.

Play room 1 is aimed at gross physical development and role playing. It hosts a sofyplay area, an indoor slide, trike, role play house and dressing up.

Play room 2 is aimed at fine motor physical development and communication. this rooms has puzzles, a variety building blocks, cars, small world and a reading area.

We strongle believe in promoting early language and we do this by providing a stimulating and cosy reading area filled with age appropriate book. Staff read to children daily throughout the day and all participate in a weekly reading challenge. We also have 6 themed topic books that repeat each year.