Baby room



The baby room is a small but cosy room providing a home from home environment which offers homely affection and stimulation that your child needs for general development.

The room has space for tummy time, exploring for the variety of toys and the black and white sensory area.


Even at such a young age we like to plan stimulating activities that introduce a wide range of exploratory experiences such as painting, messy and sensory play along with language and communication activites like singing and stories.

During activities and free play each child is supported in developing their full potential ensuring it is done at their own pace. One to one attention is given to help build an attachment with their key person and to help feel safe and secure in the setting.


We like to work in close partnership with parents/carers and aim to care for each child in a way that compliments their home routine where possible. We also aim to maintain communication between parents and staff by operating a daily message book for each child which contains a brief summary of your childs day alongside sleeps, feeds and nappy changes.